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Pangea is pleased to announce a multi-dimensional expansion:

Pangea’s Expanded specialty: Moving beyond merely a one-dimensional firm marketing “turbo charging advanced oxidation with ultrasonics™ “, Pangea 2.0 is an elite team of water sales and marketing specialists including a team of reps helping organizations solve water treatment more cost-effectively.

Fish Farming: Pangea is assisting in the expansion of fish farm operations in two states.

Water Town: Pangea is assisting Parjana with the proposed $800M redevelopment of Highland Park, MI

DOD Concerned Water Crisis More Serious than Oil: “populations will soon go to war over basic human needs, such as food and potable water. Today alone, at least one billion people are without access to an improved water supply. In 15 years, more than half of the population of the world will live under water stressed conditions”
General James T. Conway as Commandant of the Marine Corps in 2010

Water and Energy Nexus: Inextricably Linked to National Security Mandates America’s pursuit of energy independence will require trillions of gallons of water that must be treated while the Pentagon’s Energy Security Mandates includes re-purposing water and reducing consumption intensity.

Standing Above: Water treatment is a mature industry not known to quickly embrace new technology. Gas fracking, the need to lower costs and national security will shake the institutional barriers to innovation. Enter Pangea with its enabling technology that will reshape water treatment standards of past decades.

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